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Friday, January 01, 2021
IRBAS Volume 9, Issue 1 has been published.
Friday, January 01, 2021
IRBAS Volume 9 Issue 2 will publish in April 2021.
Thursday, September 10, 2020
IRBAS Published on Quarterly basis from Volume 8.
Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Recruitment of Reviewers. Reviewers name and affiliation will be listed on the IRBAS journals webpage.

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Current Issue January, 2021
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Effectiveness of 5E and Lecture Model for the Teaching of Physics at Secondary Level

The current study was conducted to estimate the usefulness of 5E model and Lecture Model for the teaching of Physics at secondary level. It was an experimental study and true experimental design was used to conduct the research. The students of secondary level who were studying Physics in District Kotli were the population of the study. Two high schools; Government Boys Model Pilot High School Kotli and Government Girls High School No.1 were selected as sample frame schools. 44 students were selected randomly from each school. Pre-test was given one week before the treatment and on the basis of pre-test 22 students were placed in control group and 22 were placed in experimental group. Hence 88 (44 boys and 44 girls) were the sample of the study. Lecture model was used to instruct control group where as the students of experimental group were instructed through 5E model. After the treatment of eight weeks post-test was given and results were analyzed by using SPSS. It was found both models were effective but 5E model was more effective for the teaching of Physics at secondary level. It was recommended that the 5E model may be used instead of lecture model at secondary and higher secondary level.
Keywords: Effectiveness, 5E Model, Lecture Model Academic Achievements, Treatment.

Assessment of Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management options with reference to Seasonal variations in Zone-B, Town-II Peshawar, Pakistan

This study was conducted for the Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) produced in the urban area of district Peshawar. The objective of this study was to assess the seasonal wise characterization, composition and generation of MSW for 3R’s (Reuse, Recovery, Recycling) potential. For this purpose, composite samples of MSW were collected for two seasons’ summer and winter from main dumping site using quartering method. These samples were analyzed for characterization, moisture contents, mass, volume, density and percent composition. Per capita generation rate was also determined by conducting household field survey. The main bulk of the MSW generated in Zone-B Town-II, Peshawar comprised of organic waste. Percentage composition of MSW for both summer and winter season has no significant change of organic matter. It was concluded that ~50% of MSW in both seasons can be used for making composting, ~30 % for recycling and ~20% as Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) for energy recovery.
Keywords: Municipal Solid Waste, Composition, Generation Rate, Recycling, Seasonal Variation.
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An Exploratory Study of Aggression among Lawyers

The present study is an exploratory study that was aimed to study aggression among lawyers. The main objective was to study the aggression in lawyers. For this purpose the researcher conducted study in courts and personal offices to see the difference of opinion. To measure aggression, the scale Buss-Perry aggression scale was used (Buss & Perry,1992). The reliability value of the scale calculated is .79 . The Pearson co-relation of subscales found out to be significantly high. The present study confirms that lawyers are aggressive in nature. There are no significant educational and gender difference on aggression among lawyers. However, joint family lawyers are verbally more aggressive than nuclear family lawyers. The mature age lawyers are more aggressive specifically physically than the adult age lawyers.
Keywords: Aggression, Lawyers, Family system, Gender Differences.

Employees’ Perception about Corporate Social Responsibility: A Study of Higher Educational Institutes in Peshawar

This study aims to explore employees’ perception of Corporate Social Responsibility and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility of universities that how their management perceive and what they practically do for it. In this qualitative study, data was collected through informal interviews from the top management of the public and private universities in Peshawar. Surprisingly, findings revealed that there is no such policy in any university regarding CSR. There was a perception of CSR private sector universities, however, it was not implemented while in public universities there was not any perception related to the CSR while the practices that were identified were mostly philanthropic and ethical whereas universities were not much aware of economic and legal responsibilities. Finally, managerial implications and future research directions have been given.
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Carroll Pyramid, Higher Educational Institutes.

The Role of Local Government in the Implementation of Immigration Policy

The paper’s purpose is to discuss immigration in Europe and especially in Greece. It presents the institutional and legal framework created to manage immigration issues and it evaluates the implementation of these. Greek Legal System is characterized by multiplicity and complexity There are too many Legal Documents and often they are controversial to each other. Indexing of those documents helps to create a complete picture of the discussed issues. In Greece, the body implementing immigration policy is the Ministry of Migration and Asylum, which created the National Strategy for Social Inclusion and awarded the Local Government Organizations the key role in implementing this strategy. The possibilities and the financial and institutional means available to Local Government Organizations to meet this role are also the subjects of study and observations. The paper finds structural inadequacy of the Greek administration to effectively design and execute extensive immigration policy programs. Based on this finding, proposals for administrative reorganization are presented.
Keywords: Government, Role, Policy, Immigration.

Analysis of Morpho-Physiological and Anatomical Variations in Tomato Genotypes Under Different Concentrations of Different Effluents

Tomato (S. Lycopersicum L.) is most widely grown fruit or vegetable in the world, including Pakistan. Due to water dearth, farmers are irrigating their crops by alternate ways. The goal of this research to determine which concentration of which industrial effluents is good for tomato plant growth. In this research, the different effluents (Domestic, Oil and Textile industry) in different concentrations (Control, 25%, 50% and 75%) used to know the impact of effluents on growth of 5 genotypes (ROMA-VF, AGRO MART, Red TARA, SULTAN F1 and HERO 110) of S. Lycopersicum L. Meteorological study, water and soil analysis of the studied area was also done. Plant material was digested for determination of heavy metals (Fe, Mn, Zn, Co, Cu, Cd, Ni, Hg and Pb) by wet digestion method. The growth of the plants stopped, their color became dull and the inner cells were damaged at high concentrations of all effluents. A study of morphology, anatomy and physiology concluded that 25% concentration of domestic and oil industry effluents are somewhat acceptable, but none of concentration of effluents of textile industry was good for growth. AGRO MART genotype showed the acceptable growth and survival phenomenon in polluted soil which irrigated by oil and textile industry effluents like Red TARA in domestic effluents treatments. HERO 110 genotypes showed the worst result as compared to all other genotypes. The extraction of chlorophyll contents is better by 80% acetone than water method. The growth of plants were declining, internal structure was being destroyed, the level of chlorophyll contents was decreasing, amount of heavy metals in the fruit was increasing along with increased concentrations.
Keywords: Effluents, Growth and yield, Heavy metals in tomato fruit, Soil properties, Tomato.
The Role of Transformational Leadership on Project Success: Moderating Role of Employees’ Innovativeness (A Case Study of Project Based Organizations in Peshawar).
Researchers and practitioners are working hard to examine leadership through a wide variety of systems, strategies, and interventions. This study examined the impact of Transformational Leadership on Project Success with moderating role of Employee Innovativeness. In order to formulate and evaluate theories for the relation between all three variables, a research method has been developed. An accepted questionnaire was used to gather data. Population of the study was the managers and their subordinates working in different project based organizations (Public and Private) in Peshawar city. Convenience sampling technique was utilized to collect data from the target respondents. The gathered data was processed through various statistical tools and techniques that are reliability analysis, correlation analysis, regression analysis, descriptive statistics, and moderation analysis using Preacher and Hayes model. Data was analyzed using SPSS (25 version) to check the results of the above techniques. The results concluded that employee innovation has positive and significant relation with transformational leadership and project success. Limitations and future research are mentioned in the last.
Keywords: Project Success (PS), Employees’ Innovativeness, Transformational Leadership (TL).
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