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International Review of Basic
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Wednesday, September 03, 2014
Recruitment of Reviewers. Reviewers name and affiliation will be listed on the journals webpage hd porno indir
Monday, October 17, 2016
IRBAS Volume 4, Issue 11 has been published.
Monday, October 17, 2016
IRBAS Volume 4 Issue 12 will publish in December 2016.

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International Review of Basic and Applied Sciences (IRBAS)


Editor-in-Chief:    Saqib Shahzad

ISSN:           2308-7056 (E-Version)


ISSN:           xxxx-xxxx (Print Version)

Frequency: Monthly (12 Issues Per year)

Nature:        Online

Submission: irbaseditor@academyirmbr.com

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International Review of Basic and Applied Sciences (IRBAS) is an open-access monthly journal published by Academy of IRMBR. It invites research papers on various research themes relevant to basic and apllied science. The journal is interested in publishing research papers that provides sound and clear theoretical insights with practical implications for the societal wellbeing. As per the title of the journal, it calls for papers on any feild of science that challenges the traditional wisdom of the readers. The topics may include a wide range of research areas, for examples  Accounts, Energy, Nuclear Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, All Fields, Oceanography, Applied Biology, Entomology, Oncology, Biochemistry, Environment, Parasitology, Biological Sciences, Evolution, Petroleum & Gas, Biophysics, Fisheries, Pharmacology, Business and Economics, Food & Food, Technology, Physics, Cell Biology, Genetics, Physiology, Chemical Engineering, Genomics, Plant Biology, Chemical Engineering, Geology, Population Biology, Chemistry, Immunology, Religious Studies, Civil Engineering, Infectious Diseases, Robotics, Civil Engineering, Law, Signal Transduction, Commerce, Marine Sciences, Social Sciences, Communication & IT, Marine Technology ,  Solid State Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Space Science, Construction, Medical Technology, Textile Industry & Fabrics, Dentistry, Medicine, Toxicology, Developmental Biology, Microbiology, Transportation, Ecology, Nanotechnology, Veterinary Science,  Endocrinology, Neuroscience, Zoology and any other area that can fall under the scope of Basic and Applied Sciences discipline.

The aim of International Review of Basic and Applied Sciences (IRBAS) is to be a unique journal in its provision of extra ordinary services like quick and professional correspondence with authors, fair and comprehensive articles’ review, extensive indexing, prompt results of reviews by our dedicated reviewers and editors, high readership and impact.

The journal attracts the attention of not only researchers and academicians but also academic institutes, Managers, Consultants, Directors, Trainers, HR Managers, Line Managers, Performance Managers, Operations Managers, Finance Managers, Chief Executive Officers and above all the students in all feild of sciences.

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