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Thursday, September 10, 2020
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Thursday, September 10, 2020
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Thursday, September 10, 2020
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017
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Academy of IRMBR Volume  1, July, 2013
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Impact of Job Satisfaction on Organizational Commitment in Banking Sector: Study of Commercial Banks in District Peshawar

This study has investigated the relationship between job stress and organizational commitment in banking sector in district Peshawar, Pakistan. The results of this study indicate that there are negative relationships between job stress and organizational commitment. It concludes if the stress is reduced, the level of organizational commitment will improve and results in higher productivity, lower turnover and improved performance of the employees and organization. Due to reduced stress level employees will be more excited and enthusiastic towards their work and more committed to the organization. It concludes that stress and overall organizational commitment had a negative relationship, but no significant negative relationships were found between job stress and the sub-variables of organizational commitment, that is, affective commitment, continuous commitment and normative commitment. Key words: Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction, Banking Sector.
MARIA BATOOL and RAZA ULLAH 12-24 Download(845)
Selecting an Appropriate Source of Media as an Effective Source of Promotion and Communication from ATL and BTL Modes of Advertising. A study on FMCGs in City of Peshawar.
This research shows and investigates the impact of ATL and BTL advertising methods on the consumer response about the FMCGs in the city of Peshawar Pakistan and to find out the most efficient and effective source of advertising and communication with customers. This research thesis is both analytical and descriptive to analyze and describe that which source of ATL and BTL is effective source of promotion and communication with customers. The independent variables of ATL advertising are Television (TV), Radio, Internet and print media and the independent variables of BTL advertising are Billboards, Transit, Flyers, Banners, Wall chalking, Point of sale display, Word of mouth and the dependent variable is customer response. There are 12 hypothesis of the study. The literature review shows that all of the sources of ATL and BTL advertising have significant impact on customer response and also all the independent are significantly related to each other. IBM SPSS 20 is being used for the analysis of this research thesis. Linear regression in this research thesis is used to find out the impact of independent variables on the dependent variable. The results of this research thesis are based upon a questionnaire. The questionnaire is composed of two parts. The first part is related to the demographics of customers and the second part is composed of closed ended questions about all of the independent and dependent variables. The total number of questionnaire that was distributed among customers is 200 in which a total of 143 questionnaires were completely filled and truly responded. The finding of the study shows that all of the independent variables are significantly related with each other and they have significant impact on the dependent variable that is customer response. The result of the study shows that billboard, wall chalking and transit advertising are the most efficient ways of advertising which have significantly high impact on the generation of positive customer response among which billboard is the most effective and efficient. From the results it is concluded that in the city of Peshawar company need to advertise their FMCG products on billboard to get effective and efficient results through with the cost will be minimum and the output will be maximum. Key Word: Advertising, ATL, BTL, Communication and Consumer Response.
HAIDER IQBAL 25-34 Download(517)
Role of Packaging in Consumer Buying Behavior: A study of University Students of Peshawar Region KPK Pakistan
The intention of this study is to analyze that how packaging influences the consumer buying behavior. Basic intention for the conducting this study is to identify those element such element behind the success of packaging .The aim of this research conducting is to find out that how much the independent variables influence the dependent variable. The consumer buying decision is strongly based on packaging and its features .We predict that packaging color, packaging material, background image, design of the wrapper, printed information, innovations, font style. Due to rapidly changing the life style of the people are interesting in packaging because the packaging insure the people that the product is original and the producer used the packaging as a purpose for the easy delivery, for the safety purposes and also used as a tool of sale promotion. Packaging is important element in sense of the sale promotion as well as treated one of the most important factors to influence the customer buying decisions. Key Words: Consumer Buying Behavior, Packaging.

The Impact of Brand Features on Brand Equity

Powerful marketing communications is among the key equipment or tools in building brand equity in organizations. This research seeks to examine the influence of marketing communications on brand equity in the Cell Phones and Cold Drink industries. The population for this research has been gathered from Peshawar and its surrounding areas. The population sampling for the study consist of 150 consumers. The data were obtained via author made questionnaire. The result indicates that there is significant relationship between brand equity and perceived quality. Keywords: Brand equity, Brand loyalty, advertisement, and Perceived quality
Comparison of Service Performance and Customer Satisfaction in Telecom Sector. A Research Study of Mobile Communication Karak Pakistan
This study was carried out to know the association between Telecommunication services and customer satisfaction. For this study a sample of 150 respondents (75 each from Ufone and Mobilink) were selected through simple random sampling method. A comprehensive questionnaire was used for data collection. The data was analyzed by using descriptive statistic and Comparing mean analysis. Three variables including network base service performance, retailer services and customer services were taken for customer satisfaction assessment. Also the four sub-variables in network based service performance, namely basements, suburbs, cities and ease in calling were analyzed too. In Two Independent variables which are Network Services performance and Customers services result showing that Mobilink is providing better network and customer?s service then Ufone, in Retailer services Ufone is leading. Recommendation for Mobilink is to invest more money to bring more improvement rather than investing in retailer services and for ufone is to invest more money in retailer services to increase the satisfaction level of the customers. Key Word: Customer satisfaction, Network based services performance, Retailer related process performance, and Network operator related process performance.

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